feisou has introduced a new amino acid shampoo focusing on scalp and hair care

 feisou has introduced a new amino acid shampoo focusing on scalp and hair care (图1)

In the last quarter of the year, feisou launched its new product RICHER & FRESHER shampoo, which continues 

the fluid texture and the idea of not adding any excessive ingredients that are not really helpful to hair. 

With the innovative and upgraded formula, this shampoo is specific for people with oily and soft hair and 

those whose scalps are in the sub-health state suffering hair loss.

Mild amino acid surfactant

As the main surfactant of feisou RICHER & FRESHER shampoo, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate is the condensation 

product of the natural fatty acid and methyl sodium taurine. It produces rich fine and stable foam, being 

less irritating and having a good affinity with skin, thus it is often seen in the ingredient lists of high-end 

cosmetics and baby care products. 

Perfect combination of beer and shampoo

Beer is rich in various vitamins and minerals, having a good effect on nourishing scalp and protecting it from 

being dry and itchy. Especially, vitamin B and zinc in beer can help enhance immunity, improve the state 

of scalp and delay scalp aging.

Adoption of hops extract

Hops gives beer a special flavor, and its extract has an outstanding  antibacterial and bactericidal effect, 

helping create a good growth environment for hair.

feisou has introduced a new amino acid shampoo focusing on scalp and hair care (图2)

Powerful combination of classic ingredients

Besides,feisou RICHER & FRESHER shampoo also contains tea tree leaf oil that can help promote hair 

growth and blood circulation in hair follicles, nicotinamide that can prevent hair from thinning and hair 

loss, and the natural moisturizing factor trehalose. With the powerful combination of multiple classic ingredients, 

this shampoo will rejuvenate your hair. 

feisou RICHER & FRESHER shampoo helps strengthen hair from the hair roots, gently cleansing and nourishing 

the scalp like caring baby’s skin, leaving people a healthy scalp and making their hair richer and fresher.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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