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    Our scalp is like soil to the seed. Only when the soil is fertile, will the seed grow healthily. 

    The thickness of scalp is about 1.476 mm, which is the second thinnes skin of a person right after eyes¡¯.

    From now on we should do something to protect our hair like what we do for our face.


    Silicone oil has always been added into many common shampoos in the market to create a glossy appearance of the hair, while Feisou replaces it with adding natural essential oil.

    To ensure being mild to the scalp, feisou shampoo has been avoiding the use of essence, sodium chloride and foam booster with irritation like SLES & SLS.


    With amino acid surfactants as its main ingredient, Feisou shampoo can gently clean hair while leaving it soft and smooth.

    Being slightly thin in water, fine in foam, mild in nature, feisou shampoo is suitable for children and people with allergic scalp, caring for delicate scalp. Using feisou series products would improve the health of hair.

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