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    Hair Care Should Be Separated From Hair Cleaning
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    Many professionals say that in fact, the hair care should be completely separated from hair cleaning. Shampoo is mainly used to clean the hair, and hair care should be done by professional skin care products.But which kind of care products are better?  Most of the shampoos on the market, in order to pursue smooth and drape after washing, are added a lot of silicone oil, guar gum, conditioning agents and so on. Silicone oil, guar gum, conditioners, etc. are also difficult to rinse, and will continue to deposit on the scalp. If these things accumulate on our hair and the hair follicles day after day, there is no way for hair to breathe, and it will become more and more fragile, causing all kinds of hair problems. Why it is said that  hair care should be completely separated from hair cleaning? The main function of shampoo is to clean the dirt on the scalp and protect the scalp. However, shampoo products with a certain cleaning ability are relatively dry compared with silicone oil-containing hair care products. So nourishing the hair requires hair care products. Amino acid shampoo with a silicone-free conditioner that provides the cleansing and nourishment needed for healthy hair growth. feisou has four types of amino acid shampoo and two types of silicone-free conditioners. For shampoo series : Lemon flavor is for easy oiling or the scalp that need to be cleaned. Although it has strong cleaning power, it makes your hair soft after shampooing. It gives obvious fluffy feeling after use. Orange flavor, is for dry and split hair. Hair will become natural and smooth after washing. Mint flavor, effectively remove dandruff, will give your scalp a cool and fresh feeli ng, and the cleaning power is very strong. Ginger flavor for dry hair. After washing, the hair will feel very smooth. The formula of  Feisou shampoo is a mild which combines plant essential oils with amino acid surfactants.  For silicone-free conditioners series: One is functioning in moisturizing with white orchid flavor, and the other is functioning in refreshing with lavender essential oil.  For the consumers who¡¯s  hair is extremely dry,  it is better to choose the moisturizing conditioner. For the consumer who's hair is healthy, it is better to choose the refreshing conditioner.   Feisou is a good solution to the dry hair. It cleans the hair while also moisturize the hair.
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