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    A Better Treatment to Your Hair.
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    Silicone is a very common cosmetic additive. Hair conditioners have been added to silicone for a long time. Adding silicone to conditioner is just like waxing the fruit. It can only temporarily produce the effect of sensitization. It can not smooth the hair essentially. The remains of silicone will accumulate on the scalp. The hair will be more and more oily, and then it will collapse.
    Hair and scalp are more fragile than our facial skin, and it is more difficult to take care. Some unintentional habits in life may hurt the scalp and hair. Many people's hair has been damage in different degrees.    Silicone can really play a role in filling the gaps in the roots of the hair tips, and it has a certain supple effect, but this suppleness is temporary, just like waxing and makeup will not be effective in the long run.
    As the frequency of  using silicone conditioners increase, silicone deposits on the scalp and hair more and more affecting the absorption of nutrients of the hair. It also affect the normal breathing of the scalp hair follicles. What are the advantages of using silicon-free conditioner? The scalp is clearer and more refreshing; hair is more fluffy after shampooing, the top of the hair will not collapse;  and the oil controlling is more durable.Next, I want to introduce you to two silicone-free conditioners from feisou. Feisou has 2 different series of silicone-free conditioners for different hair types.  One is functioning in moisturizing with white orchid flavor, and the other is functioning in refreshing with lavender essential oil.  For the consumers who¡¯s  hair is extremely dry,  it is better to choose the moisturizing conditioner. For the consumer who's hair is healthy, it is better to choose the refreshing conditioner.
    Feisou Silicone-Free Conditioner can ensure that the scalp follicles are not blocked due to the silicone. The nutrients of the conditioner can further moisturize the hair roots.
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