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    reasons to choose silicon-free conditioner
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    For a long time, shampoo and hair care products sold on the market are all containing silicon, especially conditioners such as hair conditioners and hair masks. Shampoo and hair care products on the market are all contained silicon, especially conditioners such as hair conditioners and hair masks. What are the disadvantages of silicone conditioners? First of all, it causes scalp hair follicle blockage. The silicone oil component existing in conditioner is generally insoluble in water. When it attaches to the hair, it will easily block the hair follicles on the scalp, causing various scalp problems.
    Secondly, it is not suitable for oily hair. Because silicone-containing conditioners are more greasy, consumers with oily hairs should choose other conditioners, otherwise the scalp will be more oily.
    Thirdly, it will cause hair to be greasy and difficult to be cleaned. Although the silicon-containing conditioner can make the hair smooth, the protective film attached to the surface of the hair is not easy to be cleaned. 
    More importantly, it may lead to hair loss. It is currently normal to say that silicon-containing hair conditioners can block hair follicles and destroy scalp tissue, causing serious hair problems such as itching and hair loss.
    Next, I want to introduce you to two silicone-free conditioners from feisou. Feisou has 2 different series of silicone-free oil conditioners for different hair types.  One is functioning in moisturizing with white orchid flavor, and the other is functioning in refreshing with lavender essential oil.  For the consumers who¡¯s  hair is extremely dry,  it is better to choose the moisturizing conditioner. For the consumer who's hair is healthy, it is better to choose the refreshing conditioner.
    Feisou Silicone-Free Conditioner can ensure that the scalp follicles are not blocked due to the silicone oil. The nutrients of the conditioner can can further moisturize the hair roots.
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